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A letter from Rev’d Helen for September 2020

As I write I am really aware of world sadnesses like Beirut, Yemen (very unreported), Muslims in detention in China (also under reported), flooding in Bangladesh, Syria and all the Syrian refugees plus so much more. Sometimes I am just so overwhelmed with it that I just wonder “please God get us out of our mess”. I have had so many conversations about why God allows suffering? It’s a question I ask too. What is this all about? I wonder about our responsibilities to make any small differences that we can. I think we now have to think globally; it can’t just be about our patch of the world because we together are the world. It feels ridiculous that some people have super yachts and other died in inflatable dinghies escaping difficult regimes and so much more.

What are we about; self or each other? Of course the great commandments of Jesus was ‘Love God heart, soul, mind and strength and love you neighbour as much as you love yourself.’ This is global thinking, it’s about each other and we have seen the best of people as they help during the pandemic but then we also see a selfishness when we ignore restrictions to protect, more than ourselves,  but others too.

Fight or flight is our natural instinct, so is to be kind. Being kind is our deep communality. It’s when we lose that ability that we lose our very sense of humanity. There are some people, governments and organisations that have lost kindness working for self interest only. We have to call these out; write, lobby, protest & join organisations that have kindness at their core (many do). Perhaps the question we should ask is why do we allow suffering, not why God does? Large corporations and organisations do need to be held to account as necessary. I was hearted by a retail company that don’t overstretch their finances and has been able to retain jobs and buildings. God bless those who, when furlough comes to an end, have no job. This company is good and has kindness written all over it. So what was the plan…Gods plan was Eden, Gods plan was beauty and abundance and for us to share and look after it.

So be kind and think of others. Shout if you need too, rage if you need too and demonstrate if you need too do it with compassion and care and with the hope of change. In our small ways (and big sometimes) we can be activists for kindness to the world and to each other.