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A Love Letter from Rev’d Helen (July 2020)

First weddings as we reopen our churches!

It was such a joy to be at a wedding this week. There is something so special and so beautiful about two people making vows to each other in front of witnesses (28 allowed at time of writing) and of course in church. Love is God.

Like Rev’d Keith said in his talk at this wedding in English we only have one word for love. We love our jobs, we love our kids, we love a good pizza. When love is defined so broadly, it loses its significance. We may confuse friendship, commitment, or lust with love, God intends us to experience something far deeper.

Love is so much more, in Hebrew Song of Songs Love poem there are three words:

“Raya,” which means basically a friend, a companion or soulmate (Song of Songs 4:7).

“Ahava,” which means a deep affection. It is a desire that is unquenchable, a wish to be with the other person that makes your heart ache. (Song of Songs 8:7).

“Dod.” means to carouse, rock or to fondle (Song of Songs 1:2). Dod is the passion and the romantic feelings that are a part of a love relationship the physical passion.

The four types of love in Greek are Eros, Phileo, Storge and Agape. Storge roughly translates to family loyalty, while Agape is an unconditional love. Eros is what we typically think of as romantic love. Meanwhile, Phileo means things like fondness, enjoyment and friendship.

When we combine love and all these expressions of love; loyalty, friendship, commitment and passion, it is good. As Rev’d Keith said it becomes a love that will last.

Lasting love is what we all long for and hope for. Weddings are such a joy to attend and to lead as a vicar. It is always an honour and a privilege to meet a couple, get to know them and celebrate their day with them.

It is lovely to see anniversary posts on social media seeing lasting love. We also love to do wedding blessings and other celebrations. If you would like our help to celebrate your love, please get in touch.


Rev’d Helen