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Caring for God’s Earth -Giving Nature a Home

Eco Church

We have started work on improving our green credentials in the churchyard, by putting up three bird nesting boxes in three of the Irish yew trees; one Blue Tit box; one Great Tit box and an open fronted box which can be used by variety of species. The Blue Tit box has a metal plate to make the entrance hole slightly smaller than that for the Great Tits. They are very unlikely to be used this year, but the birds will get used to them and will hopefully use them next breeding season. This year the Great Tits sound to be nesting behind one of the monuments attached to the outside of St Michael’s kitchen, as they have occasionally in the past. Two bee hotels will be put up at the back of the wildlife friendly garden once the plants have grown slightly taller. This garden is the raised bed with a surrounding brick wall, at the east end of the churchyard. It is planted with species which, between them, produce lots of pollen and nectar year round, so supporting our vital pollinating insects.


Image by jLasWilson in Pixabay