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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (February 2022)

Sometimes I just want to scream, things are out of sorts and it doesn’t feel right.

Right angry is important because it gives us passion to stand up and speak truth to power giving voice to the voiceless

I am angry because I see super yachts moored off the Caribbean for partying and there are refugees dying crossing the sea in rubber dinghies.

I am angry that I see our beautiful natural world being destroyed for more stuff for us

I am angry that some people who own lots of houses and while others are homeless

I am angry that we are still not sharing vaccinations worldwide and so we will have more variants to come.

I am angry that there are people hungry and there is huge food waste

I am angry that knife crime is rising in lots of communities, conflict resolution and resourcing for our young people is poor as budgets have been cut.

I am angry that our NHS is overwhelmed again, all who work there are so stressed and it is expected that they will battle through.

I am angry that money is our dominant worry and not people, planet and place.

I am angry we haven’t taken the lessons learnt in our first lockdown that made us wonder, pause, reflect and renew

I am angry that COP26 didn’t have the deep impact needed for leaders to change policy more quickly.

I am angry about educational disruption and what lasting impact that will have for our children.

I am angry that in our world not everyone has access to education

So I look up, I make changes in my behaviour, I write letters, I lobby and above all I pray.


Photo by Marina Kazmirova on Unsplash