Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches - at the Heart of the Community

Rev’d Helen’s Letter (June 2021)

June is a time when we think about weddings and celebrations. Last year this was very difficult to organise.. this year we are very hopeful that we can be much more social again.
Mini Festivals, fetes and gatherings are being planned with this hope. Hope has been an important feature for us as we carefully more out of lockdown mindful of new variants of covid-19. Hope was the feeling that all of us have felt as we have received our vaccines. Hope that the whole world can also receive a good and effective programme of vaccination.
As I write, there are conflicts happening all over with world especially in the holy land. My hope for them is to stop fighting and for each groups of peoples to feel that they have a home, that they feel secure, that they can make lasting communities and not feel uprooted from the places they have known as home.
Home is very important to us it’s one of the most important things on the hierarchy of peoples needs. Home can bring us much hope. It’s when home is not secure or is disruptive or chaotic that people feel a sense of hopelessness. Hope is an important quality for everyone and especially for those who have faith.
Hope brings peace and a sense of calm. It’s what restores us in a storm and gives us perspective.
My hope for us in our communities is that we be people of hope encouraging each other and supporting each other. We have walked through a huge storm together and it’s been better when we’ve helped each other.
So may your hope be enlarged this June and enjoy all those social gatherings that you’ve longed for.