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Sponsored Virtual Pilgrimage from Reepham To Canterbury Cathedral

Pilgrimages have been carried out for centuries. Journeying steadily by foot, whether alone or with others who share your faith, to a place of spiritual significance gives time to pause, reflect and think in a way that many of us might not have space to in our normal day to day lives.  The rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other as each mile slips by giving us an opportunity to clear our minds of the everyday to allow God in; a chance to explore our thoughts and purpose.

We are excited to launch our first Sponsored Virtual Pilgrimage from St Mary’s and St Michael’s Church Reepham to Canterbury Cathedral  – 158 miles in total! Pilgrims are invited to complete these miles by foot or by bicycle within an agreed timescale (up to 6 months). You can start at any time and can ask to be sponsored by the mile, stage or as a one off pledge. All the information you need including sponsorship forms, the route and stages can be downloaded here.

Good luck to everyone taking part, please do keep us updated with your progress by emailing Annie at