Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches - at the Heart of the Community

It costs, on average, £30 per day to keep a Parish Church open and running. If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of the iconic church buildings in the Reepham and Wensum Valley or to the work of the church, either by a one-off gift or by regular giving, please contact your local churchwarden or visit the Diocese website to make your donation.

Expenditure in Reepham Parish alone is typically some £80,000 per annum of which approximately half is building maintenance and running costs and half payments to the Diocese of Norwich to cover the costs of clergy and other county and national church commitments.

In recent years, fewer people carry physical cash, instead using cards or online transactions. Across the benefice, our churches will be enabling you to make a donation digitally – either wirelessly by swiping your card on terminals within our buildings or by using a QR code to take you directly to the fundraising page. As these become available in each church, you will find donation QR codes for each of our churches below.

A popular way of making a donation is through a legacy. In the Reepham and Wensum Valley Team Churches, we welcome all gifts in wills, however large or small, and we promise to use your gift to make a difference to our parishes. Since needs change over the years, we encourage you to leave a gift in your will for the general purposes of the parishes rather than for a restricted purpose. We will discuss possible uses of your gift with you, or with your executors when the time comes, bearing in mind your areas of interest in the church (eg music, buildings, children and youth, overseas mission or aid, etc) and the church’s priorities at the time. You can be confident that your gift will be used to make a real difference to our future mission and ministry.

We will record acknowledgement of gifts in whatever way you or your executors feel most appropriate. Equally, we can make sure that gifts remain anonymous if you prefer.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about the sorts of purposes your gift might fund, and how/if you would like your gift to be acknowledged, please contact one of the parishes’ churchwardens.

If you would like to make a gift to the church as a memorial to another person, please come and discuss this with us too. It can be a wonderful and appropriate way to remember a loved one.

QR Codes for Direct Giving to Churches


Use this QR to donate via our Give A Little page

for St Mary’s Church Reepham