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Welcome to our Virtual Church

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, our Virtual Church provided weekly pre-recorded services for those who were worshiping at home. As we are learning to live alongside Covid-19 and have been able to return to our church buildings, we will no longer be having a weekly pre-recorded service. However, we will continue to make the Pew Notes and Bible readings available here, for those at home.

We continue to have some  services, prayer groups and meetings via Zoom in our Virtual Chapel, where we can meet and worship together in real time.  These are in addition to our services in our church buildings. Please check the calendar to see when our next services are.


Prayers at Home

For some of us,  leaving our homes stills feels like an anxious prospect. For others, leaving home to attend church may not be possible due to health or disability. We have produced a booklet of prayers that you can use at home, particularly during this time of global unrest and upheaval. Feel free to use the words as printed or use them as a starting point for your own conversation with God.

Click here to download “Daily Prayers At Home”

We have also put together a booklet for young people and their families. With children returning to school, some have whom have not been in nearly 6 months, it is natural for them to feel worried, confused or anxious. Our booklet contains prayers, activities and exercises to help bring a moment of calm.

Click here to download “My Little Book of Calm”

Words of Hope in Bereavement

Following our “In Memory” service for All Souls, our Worship Team put together a selection of verses and quotes to bring comfort.

Click here to download Words of Hope in Bereavement