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Welcome to our Virtual Church

Please join us over the coming weeks as we worship together both in our buildings and online.  You can find all our services for August here.

All the details of our “Virtual Chapel” can be found here  including details of how to access Zoom via your computer or landline. It really is a lovely way to see and speak to each other and share our good news. Everyone is welcome, whether you come to church regularly or have never been before, whether you live in the benefice or not, we would love to see you.


Bible Readings and Service Sheets

Prayers at Home

Whilst we are unable to use our church buildings for worship, we have produced booklets to help you pray at home with ideas for prayers and blessings that you can use during these uncertain times. Feel free to use the words as printed or use them as a starting point for your own conversation with God.

Click here to download “Daily Prayers At Home”

We have also put together a booklet for young people and their families. It is a confusing and worrying time for many of us, but particularly for our children and young people who may have more questions and hear things they might not fully understand. Our booklet contains prayers, activities and exercises to help bring a moment of calm.

Click here to download “My Little Book of Calm”

During the period from Ascension to Pentecost, Thy Kingdom Come looks to unite Christians in a global wave of prayer. We pray for 5 people we know or care about and we are reminded that God is everywhere and listening to us. Below is a Prayer Journal that you can print and complete to help you focus on your “Daily 5” as well as reflect on the day’s readings and prayers.

Prayer Journal

Isolation Times