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Eco Church

Our world is experiencing a climate emergency and every one of us needs to try to tread more gently on the earth. A Rocha is a Christian environmental charity that allows churches to look at the way that they are running their churches with a view to lowering their carbon footprint and working in a more sustainable way, through the Eco Church awards.

Each church registers online and completes a simple survey about how their church operates in different areas of their life and work. The answers collect points towards an Eco Church Award – the more the church does the more points it gets. The awards are Bronze, Silver and Gold and the areas of church life are:

 Worship and teaching
 Management of church buildings
 Management of church land
 Community and global engagement
 Lifestyle

In May, Reepham PCC agreed to register and begin working towards an award. It takes some time to complete the survey to give a baseline but we are nearly there, and we are already at the Bronze level for three of the categories. We are forming a small group to look at how to take this forward. As communication about environmental issues is a vital part of the Eco Church awards, there will be regular updates to chart our progress and hopefully, other churches will see that they too can become Eco Churches.

Eco Church Updates