Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches - at the Heart of the Community

And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good   Genesis 1:31

We in the Reepham and Wensum Valley community are keen to maintain God’s creation as good as it can be, and for this purpose we strive to maintain our personal green credentials in whatever ways we can, large or small. On this page we invite you to record whatever you have done or plan to do in the next 12 months in relation to this. Please pass brief details to the Benefice Administrator (Annabel Dack,; 01603 871263) so that they can be added to this page, partly as a personal pledge but more importantly to give others ideas to follow suit.

For example, you might have decided to take a holiday at home this year rather than flying overseas, or you might have decided to grow some vegetables, or to plant a tree or shrub, or to set the washing machine temperature at no more than 30 degrees, or to cycle to work one day a week, if safe. There are any number of small actions that you can take to help maintain God’s creation – almost certainly you are doing many such things already but have not particularly thought about them in this context. Please take a moment to jot them down and send them to Annabel to add to this page. They will be published anonymously.


  • My car needs replacing after 70,000 miles. I am replacing a diesel with a petrol, to cut down on the emission of harmful particulates. It will cost more to run, but I feel it’s worth it. A battery-powered vehicle is not practical for me. I hope the time will come when vehicles can be powered by hydrogen, made from electricity generated by tidal barrages, and whose only emissions are water.
  • I am going to stop using disposable wipes and use reusable cloths for cleaning instead.
  • I’ve replaced cling film with reusable beeswax wraps.
  • I use cardboard boxes at the checkout in the supermarket if I have forgotten my Bag for Life.
  • I am going to shop locally and at the weekly market so that I eat local seasonal produce.
  • My six year old has become an Eco-Warrior and turns off any light that’s left on (sometimes even if we are still in the room!)
  • I pledge to be more careful when recycling by checking packaging carefully, rather than assuming something can/can’t be recycled purely based on its immediate appearance.
  • I am making more vegan choices where possible to save animals and reduce pollutants caused by the meat industry.