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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (May 2022)


Easter Season runs through May ending with Ascension this used to be a day off for school children, a holyday (where we get holiday from).

Looking up (as the disciples did as Jesus rose to heaven) can help us refocus when all feels very bleak. There is much beauty in the sky. Remember gazing the clouds as children…come on adults there is much to learn from returning to childhood games and day dreams. About a week ago I saw the UK in the cloud but Norfolk had become slightly detached and it made me wonder if we are a bit detached from the UK being on the edge. Lots of people are moving into Norfolk and it’s difficult to find a house to buy or rent. We live in a wonderful place. So looking up we see new things have new thoughts and begin to wonder again. May also helps us to focus on nature more as we spend time in our gardens and outside. It is also a time of preparation for all our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations; for our Queen wow what service and care she has given us. Yes and her Christian faith makes her look up for without it she would not have survived so much pressure from all sources.

This May look up and be thankful, dream, day dream, wonder and be alive to love.


Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ via Pixabay