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Rev’d Helens Letter (December 2023)

 Advent is a time of waiting, quicker for me now. When I was a child Christmas always seemed so far away (will if ever come) it was such an excitement and not just for the presents. It was exciting because of the parties too. We didn’t have loads and the food was always more yummy at parties so I found it hard to wait. I think perhaps I have always been impatient and wanted things to happen more quickly. Waiting has been a theme throughout my life (probably because I needed the gift of patience). Firstly waiting for my siblings to arrive. We are all born 2.5yrs apart so my younger brother is exactly 5yrs more youthful than me. I waited for Christmas. I waited for exam results. I waited for a boyfriend. I waited for a job. I waited for a promotion at work. I waited to get married. I waited to have children (one of the hardest waits). I waited for my vocation as a priest. I waited for test results. I waited for the job I currently do. I have waited for numerous buses too…


I also wait to see all my loved ones no longer here. (very hard  waiting for this) Waiting is what we all do and it is the key feature of Advent waiting for God to be born, waiting for Jesus to come again and waiting for our lives to join in deeper with the hope of Love. Whatever you are waiting for, may your time of waiting be filled with creativity, love, peace and hope. As we all wait for the birth of the one who comes to rescue us from all the hatred, savagery and destruction in our world. May above all we see the Prince of Peace in our world and life, this Advent and then Christmas (25th-6th January). Enjoy all the parties in Advent too. 

‘God bless us one and all.’ Tiny Tim Christmas Carol Charles Dickens



Revd Helen Rengert 

Team Rector