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Rev’d Helens Letter (Novmber 2023)

In November we are in Kingdom Season. Remembering loved ones, Remembering those who died for our peace, Remembering that God’s Kingdom is for justice, peace and love. Here is a piece I wrote a few years ago which is as relevant today as ever.
We live in peace today because of all those vivid individual stories of the cost of war.

Peace is more than a word, it is an action, it is active, we have to do it. How do we continue to practice this art is peace. 

We begin with ourselves, what inner conflicts are battling for our attention, do we hate part of ourselves, is their resentment. Our inner thoughts of unrest, unease and discord stop us from practising the art of peace within. 

Some have found that this inner peace can come from forgiveness of self, others and nations. Some practice meditation and mindfulness. Some find peace from sport, music, art and nature. Others find peace from faith and relationship to the prince of Peace. Some combine all these to pursue peace.

Peace within is so important as it is the beginning of peace without. Once we gain understanding of our own need of peace then we can give it out into the world.

Peace is not just a word, it is an action.

We live in a world vying for power and dominance. This is not a peaceful action, this is aggressive and abusive. So we have a choice for our community and for our world to practice the art of peace. When we feel anguish or nervous we turn to those things that give us peace within. We turn to each other for help, peace is worth pursuing because, as we have heard, any war, even war within ourselves is worth challenging and working out. 

Conflict is inevitable, it is how we respond that is important. If we really guard ourselves and practice the art of peace then we are as ready as possible.

Peace is not just a word it is an action

For our ancestors who have given us peace let us work as hard as possible for peace within so that there is also the opportunity for peace without.
Peace be with you and your families

Thank you


Revd Helen Rengert 

Team Rector