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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (June 2023)

Over the past year, I have been studying both practically and theologically for a certification in Pastoral Supervision. Pastoral supervision is journeying with a person, so that a new insight or wisdom is revealed in a fresh way. This can then be applied to work. I have really appreciated the process model which uses the visual image of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. As a visual learner, having a picture and place in mind really helps. Google it if you have never been! It is a fun place to visit.

In the supervision process you go down on a journey to discover a deeper need. You then work on that creatively using a range of tools, such as picture cards, small world objects, paper and colouring pens.  With your supervisor, who facilitates and does not talk too much, you have a ‘horao’ (Greek word for seeing) moment. This gives a sense of wonder and enlightenment to perceive afresh. As you come up from this deep work, you look at how you can apply that new “seeing” to a job focussed situation. 

The process reminds me of Jonah in the whale;  having to go into the depths, then waiting for an “Aha!” moment before being thrown up onto the beach, ready for his mission to Nineveh. It has given me insight and wisdom that helps my work and I have seen colleagues gain this too, as I help facilitate as a supervisor.

Learning new skills and adding to your skill base is always fun. This month I am hoping to learn some pottery techniques which I am really looking forward to and then in September I am starting a longer pottery course. 

I encourage you to think about doing something new and being curious. We have a Confirmation group starting in late June. If you have been baptised, are over the age of 10 and want to make more of a Christian commitment or you want to come along and refresh your commitment, please let me know. You will be most welcome to join us. The date for the Confirmation service is 22nd October, in St Mary’s, Reepham.