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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (February 2023)

This time of year can be a mixed blessing with some signs (or lots depending on climate changes) of Spring alongside the bleak days when it feels like it will never be Spring.

Spring in the Church’s seasons is mainly Lent. This is the forty day lead up to Easter and includes Sunday Refreshment days when if you have given up something you can have it again (most people don’t realise this). You can also take on new things such as random acts of kindness etc.
We have the wonderful Mothering Sunday as another refreshment day when traditionally people visited their families if they were in service and picked flowers on the way home and also went to their ‘home’ church.
Nowadays, we have a slightly more commercial day called Mothers Day in which you can buy cards for all people who mother us including aunts and grandparents too. We had a lovely card from our son last year which also noted  how dads use mothering skills to support us too. (I am very conscious of those who see their mums no longer, those who are unable to have children and long for them – so much love to you) It really is about celebrating that a whole range of people show us tenderness at our greatest point of need too.
Lent starts with Ash Wednesday when the church remembers that we make mistakes, that individuals ‘screw up’ and we need grace, all of us. Grace is at the heart of Lent. It is a season to encounter a forgiveness so big that we are overwhelmed with joy and freedom. It is not about ‘hell fire’ (perhaps this is a place now on earth where love and freedom are overpowered by hate and violence) but about love.
Ash Wednesday is on 22nd Feb come and see at 10am Weston or 6pm Reepham church the season can bring for you.
So may this Season bring a mixture of blessings that enable your own love to grow richer, fuller and deeper.
Please have a look at our Saturdays 2-3pm pauses in Lent in St Michaels Reepham for a space to discover more about how Ruth (Old Testament) character who overcomes so much to find a new family.


God bless