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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (December 2022)

Christmas begins on 24th Dec at midnight and then we have a time of feasting and celebration for 12 days. BUT I hear you cry, “We have been feasting and celebrating already and by then we are absolutely exhausted so sit, watch TV and chill.”

Traditionally the run up to Christmas is called Advent and that’s why we have calendars or candles, and we prepare for the great festival of new life, new baby, new hope, Emmanuel God actually with us in the confusion and dirt of the world.

Advent is a time of preparing our hearts, souls, minds and bodies to welcome the Prince of Peace. BUT I hear you cry; “Let’s feast now and contemplate later”.  Actually, when do we make space to really connect to ourselves? The truth of who we are. Most of us avoid that. The truth of who we are is beloved, wanted and longed for children of God.

God is love, the source of all love comes from the Kingdom of God where justice and truth reign. Advent is a time to get ready to welcome this source. It’s true freedom releasing us from our deepest fears of aloneness, abandonment and isolation.

Church is the expression of communities of Kingdom love. We are here not for ourselves but for you. We are here to help each other walk the journey of life and bear the load together.

I know without my church family, I would not be with you now. People who have helped me practically, prayerfully and powerfully to be the hope bearer to you this Advent and in preparation for Christmas and the greatest feast ever in the Kingdom of God where all gather into love.

You are beloved, wanted and longed for; do not let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. We are here for you.

God bless