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Revd Helens Letter ( July 2024)


What’s the difference between walking and pilgrimage?
Walking is great and good and an activity. I enjoy walking my dog with my family and friends on my own.
Pilgrimage is intentional walking so that the rhythm itself becomes a thin space where earth and heaven are closer and you notice so much more.
So on my pilgrimage in St Cuthbert’s Way the yellow t-shirt guys from London were walking. They were clear it was a walk, it was away from London it was walking with a mate. They asked the same question: what’s the difference?
So the difference is intention, attention inclination and inspiration
Pilgrimage can also be linked to our life journey. Are we walking about through life or are we being intentional in how we live mindful of others’ needs mindful of creation mindful of our spiritual nature.
Are we being attentive looking at the beauty in each place, person and nature.
Are we inclined towards goodness and how we inhibit our days well?
In pilgrimage we can see the truth about ourselves that it’s good to have company and what we do and don’t like, the risks we face or do we have a temper or we get angry if it’s not a smooth path.
Our life’s journey can inspire us and others or we notice inspiring stories more and have more gratitude.
See it’s more than walking, it’s reflective, rejuvenating, reawakening almost like a rebirthing to beauty and all that’s good.
The rhythm is the rhythm of our heart beat so we walk in tune with ourselves and as a pilgrim we also walk in tune with the source of all love for me as a Christian that’s God. The Garden (nature Eden) was created for us.
Therefore being in a relationship and pilgrimage draws us closer into this dynamic energetic charismatic relationship. May you be blessed with this opportunity to see good and God in all things.