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Rev’d Helen’s Letter (May 2021)

Writing this article on the eve of lockdown restrictions beginning to be lifted. It feels like we need a new way of being in the world. An understanding of how we respond to each other kindly and gently as we are all at different levels of concern.

Some are anxious about being more sociable and prefer to stay in. Some are needing to be out out, whilst others are somewhere in the middle of these feelings. By May will we see a sense of normal? If so will this article be outdated? Will we see, as some European countries have, a new wave with new variants? Will the vaccine cover us from these as well? It is still a time of uncertainty. Uncertainty in so many ways for jobs, for industries, for politics and especially for our world ecology.

One of the things we enjoyed about lockdown one was time for the small things, noticing nature, that wonderful weather and the way community came together. There were some more challenging things too as we listened to how many people were losing lives. As our time is still uncertain we do need to be kind and gentle with each other and the way we care for our world that gave us so much in the first lockdown.

One thing is certain and that is love. Love never fails.

I am coming into one of my favourite times of the year when we have weddings and blessings. Love abounds at this time and it is always a privilege to join in by taking a wedding service with the love story of couples. It is also wonderful to hear when new life arrives and I have the privilege of baptisms too. Let’s all be certain in the way we love and care for each other and our world so that our ‘normal’ can be good for all our communities. God bless, Helen