Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches - at the Heart of the Community

Rev’d Helen’s Pastoral Letter Mar 2020

March already! Yes! The daylight is lengthening and the plants in our gardens are growing too. It is the season of growth as we look towards Easter and the great joy of new life. I love having more warmth, daylight and take great delight in seeing new things grow. We have a relatively new allotment which is wonderful as we have inherited fruit trees, strawberry and black currants plants and herbs. This time of year we have dug up, sown seeds and now begin to see growth. Clearly watching for late frost or even snow… it is also a time to see growth in ourselves through the season of Lent (some give up something and some take on something new).

Within the Reepham and Wensum Valley Team Churches we have loads of activities and groups to join in with. (Please check out our Services, Events and Activities page to see what’s happening near you!) It’s fun to meet with each other during the week to catch up and learn more about love, climate change and much more. Also it’s good to know how we encourage and support each other.

Did you know it costs around £40-60 a day to keep each church open for visitors, for upkeep, for insurance and the share we pay to the diocese for infrastructure including vicars, bishops and curates. As the benefice of twelve churches that’s around £480 per day which is from £175,000 a year. We are very grateful to all those who make monthly contribution to each church. Thank you for helping to maintain your local church. Your care and support enables us to begin to think about growth including new ways of serving communities. We encourage everyone to think about saving loose change or making a small contribution to help. Just as we tend the soil in our gardens and allotments to see growth so we also support our local church to see people’s lives flourishing through love, care and kindness. We are always fundraising locally and thank everyone who attends these events – it helps us so much. Please support us in any way that you can so growing together can be the best way for everyone to flourish.