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Words of Light and Hope from Rev’d Judith Sweetman

Words of Light and Hope from Rev’d Judith Sweetman

Blessed are those whose strength is in you,

In whose heart are your ways,

Who, trudging through the plains of  misery,

Find in them an unexpected spring,

A well from deep below the barren ground,

And the pools are filled with water.

They become springs of healing for others,

Reservoirs of compassion to those who are bruised.

Strengthened themselves, they lend courage to others,

And God will be there at the end of their journey.

Psalm 84


Flame dancing Spirit,

Come sweep us off our feet and dance through all our days,

Surprise us with your rhythms;

Dare us to try new steps,

Explore new patterns and partnerships.

Release us from old routines

To swing in abandoned joy and fearful adventure.

And in the intervals

Rest us in your still centre.


Esther de Waal