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Words of Light and Hope from Helena Crockford LLM

Words of Light and Hope from Helena Crockford LLM

We journey now through the season of Thy Kingdom Come, an ecumenical “worldwide wave of prayer”. These are 11 days of prayer for five people who we wish might feel closer to God.

During this time, which began on Thursday with Ascension Day, we walk with Jesus’ disciples. They witnessed their risen Christ ascend to Heaven, then spent 10 days wondering what would come next. How uncertain they must have felt, how unsure of what the future would hold. They prayed together:

“They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with
the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His
brothers.” Acts 1.14

Only at Pentecost 10 days later did the Holy Spirit come to fill them with the gifts they would need. Their missionary journeys began in earnest. We too call on “the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we might live out and share the Kingdom of God”. Who do we know who is feeling uncertain, or at a crossroads? We “Pray for five”. We pray “that the Holy Spirit will open
their hearts and minds to God’s love, forgiveness and peace.” We pray “Come Holy Spirit”.
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(quotes all come from Thy Kingdom Come Novena, 2023)

The Holy Spirit
I long for more of your anointing
To carry out your will
And to be empowered by your Spirit,
Transformed, and totally filled
So, when others look into my face,
I pray they will only see,
The glorious radiance of you, Lord,
The evidence of you in me
So, continue to fill me afresh each day
With your Holy Spirit, O Lord,
For when I'm walking in your fullness,
I express your heart much more.