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Words of Light and Hope from Sue Page (LLM)

I remind myself that, as I sit here now, God is gazing on me with love and holding me in being.

I pause for a moment and think of this.



A time of disengagement

From routine.

Desert. Emptiness.

Wordless, waiting before

The mystery.

Nothing much happens:

No flash of insight,

No resolution of perplexity.

But deep down,

Shifting perceptions,

Something understood.    Ann Lewin


Like a gas, the soul tends to fill the entire space which is given it. A gas which contracted, leaving a vacuum, this would be contrary to the law of entropy. It is not so with the God of the Christians.…Not to exercise all the power at one’s disposal is to   endure the void. This is contrary to all the laws of nature. Grace alone can do it. Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void.  Simone Weil


It is so easy to get caught up

with the trappings of wealth in this life.

Grant, O Lord, that I may be free

from greed and selfishness.

Remind me that the best things in life are free.

Love, laughter, caring and sharing.



Let’s Communicate!

If you wish to communicate,

On this one thing please meditate:

Avoid pretence, be real, be true,

That I might know who’s really you.

Show me yourself in honesty.

And not the ‘you’ you’d have me see.

We will not progress very far,

Unless you show me who you are.

Yet all is lost if you don’t see

The person who is really me!

Gordon Bailey


At this moment Lord I turn my thoughts to you.

I will leave aside my chores and preoccupations.

I will take rest and refreshment in your presence Lord.

Filled with the loving presence of God,

Ask Him to bless you and guide your steps

As you go to do His work in your daily life.

Words of Prayer from Sacred Space