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Words of Light and Hope from Sue Page, LLM

Words of Light and Hope from Sue Page, LLM


God of Your goodness, give us Yourself! For if we ask for anything, which is less We shall always be in want.  Only in You we have all. Amen

Julian of Norwich

Whoever enters discipleship enters  Jesus’ death, and puts his or her own life into death; this has been so from the beginning. The cross is not the horrible end of a pious, happy life, but stands rather at the beginning of community with Jesus Christ.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I see You

I see You – there in the shattering you

looking for you; seeking your self

in the can’t-cope of it;

the never-ending weary of it.

I see you – desperate for your soul

to be a more solid thing; to be found

amid the pantheon of the real.

I see you – wondering if God

is just the translucence of a dream.

I have been there in the lostness;

I have tangled with the shadows;

I will tell you – won’t you know it? –

that something is reaching for your hand.

G Heugh from Fear no Enemy


The whole life of Christ was a cross. And the more spiritual progress you strive for, the heavier will your crosses become, for as your love for God increases so will the pain of your exile. When you willingly carry your cross, every pang of tribulation is changed into hope of solace from God. Besides, with every affliction the spirit is strengthened by grace. For it is the grace of Christ, and not our own virtue, that gives us the power to overcome the flesh and the world. You will not even fear your      enemy, the devil, if you arm yourself with faith and are signed with the cross of Christ.

Thomas a Kempis



Lord, thank you that we are one in Christ Jesus. Help us to live out this reality in our lives. We pledge to see all people as You see them – worthy, beloved, made in Your image.  Amen.


On this day, we have seen it all.

Everything dies.

Life dies.

Death dies.

Everything is done.

Except love.

Only love is not done.

Only love will not die.

Everything is finished except love.

Only love is not done.

Only love will not die.

Everything is finished except love.

Martin Wroe