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Words of Light and Hope from Tony Hawes

Words of Light and Hope from Tony Hawes.


Step outside, and taste the air after rain.

Try to see beyond the town and city smoke,

and see the colours as they really are.

Listen to the river, the breeze caught in the trees.

Feel the weather on your skin, stand small

amidst the hills and the mountains,

watch flowers and grasses tremble and sway.

Observe through warm eyes….

Tread carefully, guardian of creation:

we were only given one world….



I sense your tenderness toward me

your strong gentleness which convinces me of your love….

I feel your wish for communion with me

your desire for closeness to your child….

I am aware of your need for me

because I am your creation on the way back to my creator….

I know that I have already begun to flow into you like a river into the ocean….

Ulrich Schaffer


We pray for Mother Church that helps us

to grow in faith, for our clergy and all who

minister to us and care for us,

for all who help us to you and love God.

We give thanks for our homes and ask your blessing upon our family and friends.

We ask you especially to bless our mothers

at this time.

We pray for mothers throughout the world;

may they never be taken for granted,

and always be respected.

David Adam


Gracious God, thank you for mothering and fathering of all creation.

All things exist from you;

all people are loved by you;

all families are blessed in you.

May our human loving reflect, however faintly,

your boundless, infinite loving, until we all

come, gladly, to our eternal home in Christ

our Lord. Amen.

John Pritchard