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Words of Light and Hope from Jane McLarty

Words of Light and Hope from Jane McLarty

God is closer to us than our own soul, for he is the foundation on which our soul stands…for our soul sits in God in true rest, and our soul stands in God in sure strength, and our soul is naturally rooted in God in endless love.    Julian of Norwich

The old mystics always insist that love and humility are sisters. As we learn about love, we seem to get smaller and smaller and the wonder of God to get greater and greater. The more we realise the fact of this love pouring out from the heart of God to draw all things…the deeper grows the love which is demanded of us in return.   Evelyn Underhill

I only know Divine unconditional, radical and reckless love for me when I dare to approach God just as I am. The more I have the courage to meet God in this place of weakness, the more I will know myself to be truly and deeply loved by God. And the more deeply I know this love, the easier it will be to trust it as Christ did – preferring God’s will to my own.    David Benner

O God our mystery,
you bring us to life,
call us to freedom,
and move between us with love.
May we so participate
in the dance of your trinity,
that our lives may resonate with you,
now and forever, Amen
Janet Morley