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Words of Light and Hope from Rev’d Judith Sweetman

Many Advent wreaths have a fifth and final white candle, which is lit on Christmas Day and which symbolizes Jesus Christ, the one for whom Abraham and Sarah, the prophets, John the Baptist and indeed ourselves have been waiting for so long. It is in Jesus Christ that we discover a perfect fulfilment of everything for which we have waited – as well as for those things for which we have not waited. Jesus brings both completion and surprise in our waiting, and points us forward to a life-long waiting that can only find fulfilment in the end of all things. Perhaps most surprising of all, however, is the discovery that the one for whom we wait has been present all along; silently waiting with us in joy as well as in sorrow, in delight as well as agony, drawing us further into the glorious paradox of God….

From: The Meaning is the Waiting: the spirit of Advent, by Paula Gooder


Lord of glory

How can I remain dull

When bathed in your brightness?

Why am I not radiant with your love and light about me?


Lord of love, fill my life

Dispel my darkness

Lighten my way

As the new dawn breaks

Let your sun rise in my heart


True light of the world

Enter the depths of my life

Flood the dark and hidden places

Overflow my whole being

With the light of your glory


From: The Glory of Light, by David Adam



Heavenly Father, you have created a universe of light:

Forgive us when we return to darkness.

Lord have mercy


Lord Jesus, you are the light of the world:

Cleanse and heal our blinded sight:

Christ have mercy


Holy Spirit, you give light in our hearts:

Renew us in faith and love.

Lord have mercy


From: Common Worship: Times and Seasons