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Words of Light and Hope from Tony Hawes

Christ the King.

 You are the King of Glory, O Christ,

you are the everlasting Son of the Father.

Come, Lord, and rule in our hearts, until your

Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Come, Christ our King, and reign over us……


The Kingdom of God is something within you

which has the power of growth like a seed;

something that you discover almost accidentally;

something that you are searching for, and of whose

value you become more confident and excited

as the search proceeds, and you discover truer,

lovelier things which are constantly being surpassed;

something for which you have to give everything

you have…….

George Appleton.  ‘Journal for a Soul.’


Prayer Before the Throne.


Here Lord, is my precious time, which I husband

so jealously. I have nothing more precious to offer you

– and so, here I am letting my time run out before you,

drop by drop, to no apparent purpose.

These thirty slow minutes, which I have decided to

burn before you – here they are, empty, emptied of

everything before you……


I am ashamed to admit, that I do not really know

what to do with them. I am here, rather at a loss,

sometimes just a bit bored, and pestered by the thought

of all those things, which I had deliberately set aside,

in order to give this time to you. They keep hammering

at the walls of my soul, and I just do not know how to

shut them up. Forgive my distraction, my awkwardness,

and my boredom……


With all the faith I have got, such as it is, I believe.

You are true act, and you act in me, but at so deep a

level, that I am not even aware of it. You are love,

and you penetrate the very substance of my soul,

but in a manner too divine for me to feel……


I believe in you. I believe in your action in me.

I pour out my time in this act of faith and offer it to you

as a libation. I sacrifice to you these thirty, irreplaceable

minutes of my life……

Sister Jeanne d’Arc. ‘The Listening Heart.’