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Words of Light and Hope from Tony Hawes

Words of Light and Hope from Tony Hawes for Bible Sunday

For the Christian, the ‘Hope’ that the Bible speaks of is something in the future, but in order to understand and live more fully in the future, we really need to attend to the here and now, and live each day as it comes. As the writer of the Psalms reminds us:

‘This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.’

(Ps. 118.24)

When you read this verse, just stop for a moment and think about today. Ask yourself, ‘Is this how I live?’ If not, how about making some changes?

 Just for today, I will enjoy each moment to the fullest and try not to tackle my whole life’s problems at once.

Just for today, I will try to improve my mind by learning more than I know. I will read God’s Word faithfully, for it is my source of wisdom and strength. I will be particularly sensitive to those scriptures that require personal obedience, corrective action and greater commitment.

Just for today, I will be agreeable, try to look my best and make sure my words are ‘seasoned with grace.’

Just for today, I will not find fault or try to change anyone – except myself.

Just for today, I will plan and have a goal. I might not follow them exactly, but I will have them nonetheless. By doing that I will save myself from two enemies—hurry and indecision!

Just for today, I will develop my character. I will do someone a good turn and keep it to myself; if anyone finds out it will not count.

Just for today, I will do something I don’t naturally do, thereby training my spirit to rule my flesh and my will to rule my emotions.

Just for today, I will not be afraid to love or to risk. I will take steps of faith that stretch me beyond my present comfort level, try to enjoy all God’s blessings, and believe that every seed I sow in His Kingdom will be multiplied back to me many times.

This is how I will live – Just for today.

(Town and Country Magazine)