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Words of Light and Hope from Sue Page, Licensed Lay Minister

Words of Light and Hope
From Sue Page, Licensed Lay Minister

Jesus, You are always there waiting for me.

Sometimes I get bogged down
with the concerns of this life.
Grant that I may be still more often.
To know Your peace, Your calm.

But the silence in the mind  

By R. S. Thomas (1913 – 2000)
But the silence in the mind
is when we live best, within
listening distance of the silence
we call God. This is the deep
calling to deep of the psalm-
writer, the bottomless ocean.
We launch the armada of
our thoughts on, never arriving.

It is a presence, then,
whose margins are our margins;
that calls us out over our
own fathoms. What to do
but draw a little nearer to
such ubiquity by remaining still?

“Thank you, Lord, for the gift of another week,

in which You call us; to bless our neighbour,
to welcome the stranger,
to pray for our enemies,
to look after Your world,
to share the Good News of Your Love,
and to become more like Jesus,
through the power of Your Holy spirit in us

Lord, when I am feeling lonely,
Remind me of Your promise,
“You are never alone,
I am with you always,
Yes, to the end of time”!

 I get overwhelmed by the cares of this world.
At times like these may I be aware
of the comfort of your Presence,
Your infinite love for me.